What is Pavement Preservation?

Pavement preservation is a systematic approach employing long term strategy that enhances pavement performance by using an integrated cost effective set of practices that extend pavement life, improve safety and meets motorist expectations.  Pavement preservation relies on the principle that the cost of a pavement improvement is much higher at lower condition levels.  Under this principle the ongoing cost of maintaining the pavement condition of a road network is lower if pavement preservation principles are followed.  In practical terms, pavement preservation means the right treatment to the right road at the right time.  In other words, it pays off to keep your structurally sound roads in good condition before having to repair significant damage.  Pavement preservation treatments extend the life and serviceability of your pavement.  Preventive maintenance activities are those that address aging, oxidation, surface deterioration and normal wear and tear from day to day performance and environmental conditions.  Preventive maintenance activities extend the service life of roadway assets in a cost effective manner.  Pavement preservation treatments include chip seal (AST), slurry seal, micro-surfacing, thin hot mix overlays, fog seal, and crack seal.  Every dollar spent on preservation will save $6.00 to $10.00 or more per square yard in rehabilitation cost.  Pavement preservation is socially responsible and eco-friendly.  It utilizes up to 80% less of the earth’s non renewable resources than road rehabilitation/reconstruction.


Links for more information: www.FP2.org     www.savemyroad.com


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