During our current economic conditions the demands for micro’s and slurry seals have immensely increased.  Micro-Surfacing is becoming more and more well known as substitutes for expensive overlays due to their cost effectiveness and long life span.

      Micro-Surfacing includes polymer modified asphalt (key in flexibility), aggregate, mineral filler, additives and water. Micro’s effectively seal, level, rejuvenate, and aid in skid resistance on existing paved surfaces.  Micro-Surfacing can be applied in a wide range of thicknesses, allowing it to treat a large variety of road surfaces.  It is a cold mix type paving system leaving minimal impact on the environment.

      We have the equipment and qualified personnel to complete a broad range of different road projects using micro-surfacing.  Our continuous pavers allow us to pave from start to finish resulting in quality work and efficient job completion times.


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